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Saturday, 22 October 2016

 It’s a non-stop show here at 1415.  When we go on holiday, we don’t just go to get away from the mayhem; instead we are constantly on the lookout for inspiration for our latest styles and designs.
When we visited Vienna last autumn, we couldn’t help but be drawn into the historical elegance echoed throughout the city. 

Photo taken by Megan Tolley (2015)
One of our first stops had to be the Vienna Opera House: 
Covered in gold leaf and detailed décor, we noticed the recurring use of dark reds against whites and golds. As we are so in love with contrasts here at 1415, this definitively showed the impact strong colours have, not only in architecture and interior design but in fashion too. This is one place we’d definitely recommend adding to your bucket list, as it’s one of the most captivating buildings we’ve had the pleasure of being in.

If you are ever lucky enough (we hope you’d agree with the ‘lucky’ part!) to be our travel companion, you’d see how we like to immerse ourselves in as much culture as humanly possible when we go away.

After all, where else can you match the buildings, colours and skyline of Vienna?

Photo taken by Megan Tolley (2015)

When we visited the famous Schönbrunn Palace, we were stunned to see the acres of greenery that surrounded it. The gardens were some of the most beautiful and pristine ones we’ve ever seen; and the organised and somewhat clean layout inspired how we pair some of our renewal garments by giving them a minimalistic and uniform approach. 

Again, gold leaf made a recurring appearance in the palace – and we like to mimic this design by matching costume jewellery of gold and silver to our outfits, as stand out pieces.

Photo taken by Megan Tolley (2015)

Being November, the dark evenings came early and the fountain at the main end of the city had a recurring display of multiple coloured lights which lit up the water - giving the illusion that it was changing colours. As you can imagine, this was an amazing sight against the night sky!

Again, this made us think at 1415 how we want to encourage our customers and readers to wear things outside of the so-called 'norm' (like the vintage renewal outfits we recommend); but always remember how it's also good to mix-up your style and colours, rather than sticking with the same one.

We still think Vienna has so much more to offer, than what we managed to fit into our short break; so we will without doubt be there again soon. However in the meantime we urge you to book yourself a ticket to this wonderful city! After all, in the words of Billy Joel... When will you realise, Vienna waits for you?

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