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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

This week's Ways to Wear comes to you all the way from Italy, where we are searching for more inspiration for our new collections.

Today, we are looking back at how we can make yesterday's Spotlight pencil skirt even more special; as if that was even possible! One of the most timeless looks, the pencil skirt can be styled up or down effortlessly. So let's take a look at what's inspiring us here at 1415

The Jacket

The perfect combination for any working girl. A button-up or open jacket is a great option to pair with this skirt, and shows off your curvy silhouette to its full potential. Team it with stilettos as well, and you'll definitely leave your mark at work. 

The Cardigan

The versatile go-to cardigan, is always a life saviour with any outfit, but this works especially well with this pencil skirt. Again, this is another one to perfect the silhouette figure, especially if you invest in a fitted or slim-hugging cardi. We love the idea of trying to pick one that has a stitched pattern, that matches the skirt colour. And it's also more of an informal look so perfect for a chic trip into the city with some flat ballerina pumps.

The Jumper and scarf

This is probably one of the best suited style ideas for office life, especially if you're unfortunate enough to work in a chilly office. Find a silk or satin scarf and pair with a wool knit jumper. Make sure to tuck the jumper into the pencil skirt so that onlookers can still see that tiny waist. You can always add a belt for extra definition.

The Shirt

Keeping it formal is sometimes the best way to go. The beauty of this skirt is because it's a simple navy blue, you have more of a choice to match it with a plain shirt, or a patterned alternative. It'll also work with short sleeves or long sleeves, depending on the weather outside. 1415 recommend a light coloured shirt which will brighten the whole outfit up.    

The Tights

Gone are the days when women had to draw a black line on their legs to achieve this look (my Grandmother included); we now have tights that have done it for us. Keep it vintage and wear these with our pencil skirt to maintain an elegant chic look.


Hopefully you'll now feel as inspired as we do on this October Tuesday; and your number one task of the day will be to rummage through your wardrobe or go shopping to get the perfect pairing for this stylish pencil skirt. Take a look on our Etsy shop for even more ideas; and as the Italians say... Ciao! 

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