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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

We can't wait to start styling the red winter jacket from yesterday's Spotlight piece. Looking at inspiration from pintrest, we have unwrapped numerous ways how you can put your own stamp on your winter coat look.

In the transition from autumn to winter we can all identify with the on-going coat battle of going from freezing to boiling hot in a matter of minutes. So let's see how we can embrace that transition, instead of dreading it.

Pair your red jacket with sunglasses to show that you are still holding onto the ends of summer, without ignoring the dropping temperature. Black shades work best with red, as it's a bold look that shows you know how to make a lasting impression. 

Why not show your wild side at the same time by choosing the fur option. Obviously here at 1415 we by no means promote genuine animal skin but there's so many good imitation pieces you can get your hands on. This also sits well with the retro look, as well as keeping you super cosy. 

And of course, who can go wrong with the classic scarf. At 1415 we love the wrap-around scarf look, as it's all about building layers at this time of year; simply because you can just as easily take them off. Either go with a strong contrasting colour to stand out against the red, or a statement pattern like tartan checks to compliment the coat.

Although we've got a vintage coat, why not make it different by giving it a modern twist? Accessorise it with oversized costume jewellery, like a statement necklace and earrings. We love the simplicity of silver against red, as it gives a classic, minimalistic edge to the outfit. This also looks well when teaming it with a LBD or black top under the red jacket. An outfit that screams contrast.

There's never a dull moment here at 1415, as we're constantly thinking of new ways to style our outfits. Check out our Ways to Wear next week when we will be looking at another one of our other Etsy Spotlight garments. 

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