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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cast your minds back to the beautiful Spotlight top & headband set from yesterday. Today, we are showing you the best ways to style your outfit, outside of the jean and trouser look. So get your renewal garments at the ready and get inspired!

Images courtesy of Pintrest

The versatile wire-headband is one of our faves here at 1415, as it can suit every hairstyle going. We are loving the classic bun as a way to show the headband look off to it's full potential:
Either go with a low bun and put the headband in the classic round the head style, with the join either at the front or back (depending on if you want this to be a statement feature). Or mix things up a bit by styling a high bun with the headband wrapped around your hair at the back in a scrunchy style.
You can never go wrong with the relaxed hair down look either. Try wrapping the band either around your head so it's on full display or under your hair at the back to keep it off your face.

Images courtesy of Pintrest

Spots work wonders with a skirt as it really brings out the feminine side of the design. Style with either a mini skirt for maximum impact - we suggest an A-Line style; and you can even match with woollen tights at this time of year. 

Alternatively opt for a midi-skirt: we are especially partial to a multiple layer skirt made from a contrasting fabric as it makes the outfit look slightly offbeat.

Images courtesy of Pintrest

Why not also try a drastic move and go for a clashing print like stripes or flowers? This will really make it a stand-out outfit, and will look even more vintage if you get your hands on a retro print. This would also make the perfect day to night transition outfit, as if paired with classic heels and a belt it would show a glamorous edge.

It's not just about clothes when fashion is involved; it's about the whole image:
Try wearing bold make-up with your outfit to make a real statement. We are still as in love as ever with the 'Cat Eye' look, created using heavy black eyeliner. And red lipstick would look perfect with the black and white top we have available.

So it's over to you: go full vintage and get spotted. After all, in the words of Coco Channel: "Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway"

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