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Thursday, 19 January 2017

As we are transitioning into a more animal friendly and minimalist brand we have added a further 30% discount to all of our Vintage Renewals items that aren't so ethical!

There are a few items including skirts, bags and coats that are either genuine leather or wool (no fur) that we would really to go to someone that won't waste them. While it is a shame that animals had to be used to make them, we at 1415 feel it would be more offensive to just throw them away. Of course, we won't be buying anymore, so for anybody that does want them head over to our Etsy store before someone else buys them.

For any of you that are into fun 80's & 90's tees/shirts, we have a range of different tops just for you, however we will not be stocking anymore and at only £5 & under, we don't expect to have them for long. Go and check them out ASAP before they're all gone.

So head over to our Etsy store in order to take advantage of these offers before the stock runs out!

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