Monday, 9 January 2017

So there have been a lot of changes for 1415 and we felt it was about time we got you back up to speed with everything that's going on!
For those of you that have been following us a bit more closely. You may have noticed that we have been a little bit quiet across our social media pages. We have spent the last few months re-evaluating our brands image, and have put into plan a direction and style that best suits us, and represents the image that we strive to have. 

Don't worry, nothing bad is happening here, we just wanted to take a break to get everything back into order!

First things first, there will be no more vintage side to the business. We want to become a brand that sells more minimalistic clothing that can appeal to and be worn by everyone! Whether you are a minimalist or not. This means a lot more basics, easy fitting, but still stylish clothing, primarily in black and white. If you're still into the vintage style and you wanted to grab some amazing pieces for your wardrobe, head over to our Etsy store and grab what you can before it's gone! First come, first serve and all that fun stuff.

Secondly, we're going vegan! To be honest, this was an easy decision. We believe that using animals or animal products in the fashion world is totally unnecessary, and as everything we sell will be handmade anyway, it shouldn't be too difficult to stick to this promise. So that means no more leather (which was all vintage items anyway).

Some of you may want to know when we will be re-launching our handmade only, cruelty free, minimalist clothing! And the honest answer is, we're not too sure, but most definitely sometime within the next few months! So keep your eyes peeled, and if you or anybody you know is interested in becoming a brand ambassador for us, get in touch!

It's gonna be fun!

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